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4th Diemensional Artist

When asked to describe Erik Rieger's Art Show, several words come to mind; pulsating, mesmerizing, but only one word truly says it all, "Wow". W.O.W. is an acronym for "Wonders of Wonders".

Under the pulsating lights Rieger's work takes on a 3 dimensional appearance. Creating layer upon layer of interference patterns the images start to move and dance.

Rieger says he came up with this idea of etching onto a sheet of metal under a shower of sparks as "sort of happenstance and it developed into it's own entity." Accompanied by inspiring music which he composes and performs, his artistic concepts have a fluidity that compliments any type of event. Rieger has performed over 1,800 shows; numerous nightclubs, Red Rocks, opening for music artists, art openings, silent auctions, rock shows, private parties, paired with DJ's and Go Go Dancers, even wedding engagement parties.

Rieger's artwork crosses from delicate silhouettes to extremely detailed yin yang dragons. Erik Rieger has the power to captivate everyone in the room; entertaining young, old and everyone in between. Few artists can say this. 

2006 etching of the Beatles was published in the first edition Beatles Art; Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four. 2014 LUXE Magazine featured Rieger's artwork as a "Colorado Must Have" and is featured in ARTCHASER Magazine's Volume 1-2015.

"As an artist I don't believe in erasing. Life doesn't come with an eraser. You make a mark then you digest that mark. Then all subsequent choices are made from and built upon that."